Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy to be wrong

Six hits aren't that reassuring, but a win at Yankee Stadium is, and I saw a few other things that stuck out about tonight's game.

Ryan Howard and Jayson Werth went back-to-back right after a four-run inning, which is an important step for home run hitters trying to escape a slump. They got a hold of hittable pitches, rather than swinging late or not at all.

The Phillies as a team stole three bases. That's an aggressiveness they need to show in every single game. They have the speed to beat the pitchers with quick deliveries and catchers with accurate arms. I dare you to try and catch me, Yadier Molina.

Certain Phillies players love to prove wrong what I say about them in fresh posts, but they've all been for the best so keep it up!

Jamie Moyer gets shelled by the Boston Red Sox, then turns around and eats the Yankee lineup for dinner over eight innings of off-speed glory. He seems hit-or-miss, but if we're keeping Joe Blanton in the rotation, then Moyer definitely belongs there.

It remains to be seen whether this will finally be the game that leads the Phillies back to the team we remember from the last two years, or just another glimmer of sunlight in an otherwise stormy sky. I tend to lean toward the second possibility.

Again guys, prove me wrong.

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