Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wake me when it's the All-Star Break

As far as I'm concerned, my word is absolute law when I say that "Cause and Effect" is the best episode of Star Trek the Next Generation. None of you could dare debate me on such a concrete fact because you have no clue what the hell I'm talking about.

"Just get on with the blog, you big Trekkie dork!"

Very well, Number One. Engage...

I'd feel worse about tonight's pathetic loss if Josh Johnson wasn't on my Fantasy Team. That performance may have just propelled me out of second-to-last place. With Interleague Play upon us, that just may be where the Phillies are heading.

Consider that since 2004, the Phillies have managed a .500 record in Interleague Play just once (8-7 in 2007). They've played particularly poorly against the AL during the regular season recently. In 2008 and 2009 combined, only the San Diego Padres (8-23) had a worse Interleague record than the Phils (10-23). Their three-game set with Boston last month was the beginning of this present breadown, which leaves little room for optimism about the next few weeks.

As recent All-Star Games and World Series have further proved, the AL generally dominates the NL in head-to-head matchups (that's a topic I'll explore in greater detail as the Mid-Summer Classic draws closer). Sub-par teams like the A's and Orioles are beating up on solid clubs like the Giants and Braves.

Looking at Philly's upcoming series, it has to get through New York, Boston and Minnesota before even seeing a sub-.500 AL team (Cleveland). Given that daunting challenge, it's hard to see a road series against the Blue Jays getting moved to Philadelphia as an advantage.
The past month, the Phils have traveled down a path marred with potholes and speed bumps, and now it looks like they're going to crash through the final warning sign and drive right off the cliff (or dare I say, their starship's warp core is about to breech). They haven't been hitting against pitchers they're familiar with, so what happens when they face a bunch of arms they don't usually see?

My only hope is that the two players who recently joined the team after spending significant time in the AL, Roy Halladay and Placido Polanco, can somehow lend some advice and guide them through the rough seas ahead. The duo presently represents the best pictcher and hitter on the team, respetively, so they better start doing some talking. Getting Jimmy Rollins and J.A. Happ back as well wouldn't hurt.

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