Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cheese and Goose Eggs

And now for something completely different...


A report from the BBC2, as BBC1 has been arrested for showing its naughty bits in public.

It's just a four-game losing streak, but even the recent glory of a World Series title and three straight division titles aren't enough from wrestling down that same old Philadelphia fan pessimism. The Flyers are going to have to win a Stanley Cup to do that. It's times like these I almost wish I was a hockey fan.

The struggling Phillies have scored in just one of their last 38 innings. I'm not even going to bother wasting time on a search, because that has to be the worst futility of any team in that long of a stretch this season. The team itself hasn't been shut out three times in four games since 1990. Though I will always hate that Comcast doesn't show the Phillies here in Gettysburg, I'm glad I haven't been witness to the way they're playing right now.

At the same time, it doesn't surprise me all that much. As dangerous as it is, this lineup is full of sluggers who are very susceptible to striking out. Ryan Howard, Raul Ibanez and Jayson Werth have all been known to suffer horrible slumps that last for long periods of time. If those slumps should coincide, that short porch in right field may as well be sitting directly behind first base.

It also doesn't help when J-Roll is on the DL and Shane Victorino isn't hitting in his stead. Roy Halladay has also lost his last two starts, though the lack of run support can negatively effect even the best pitcher in baseball.

Man these Phillies...they can destroy anyone and then turn around and make pitchers like Zach Duke, Tom Gorzelanny and R.A. Dickey look like Pedro Martinez.

Hopefully that closed meeting last night after Philly's second straight shutout loss to the Mets was a swift reminder to the players that they are a winning group that are still sitting in first place. That won't last long if this keeps up.

The Phils need to salvage a win against New York before a six-game road trip through Florida and Atlanta. If not, then I must resort to two words that have never before escaped my mouth.

Go Flyers.

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